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NE KTL Series Grid-tied Solar Inverters - NE 5KW INVERTER


NE KTL series single phase inverter is a new generation of PV string inverter which has been promoted by NASS for residential users. NE KTL series inverters have the advantages of compact size, light weight, easy installation and maintenance, and are above all cost efficient. 


  • The core technologies are from Germany.
  • Software optimization for the power grid with much wider adaptability.
  • Global integrated monitoring and management, supporting all kinds of portable mobile devices, HMI is optional.
  • Minimum working voltage is 50V.
  • Wider voltage range, lower starting voltage, higher conversion efficiency.
  • Designed with latest thermal simulation technology for longer service life.

HMI Features

  • Small and exquisite appearance.
  • LCD display and easy to operate keyboard with multiple functions. 
  • Plug & play.
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